Appliance Repairs In Houston, Texas

Appliance Repairs In Houston, Texas, have been serving our community for over 15 years, successfully repairing and diagnosing household appliances. Here at Sugarland-Missouri city-Houston-appliance repair service, we understand how it feels when one or more of your machines are malfunctioning.  Be that as it may, be feeling helpless, expert help is at your fingertips.  We employ more than fifteen well trained and licensed Technicians capable of restoring broken-down appliances.  So if your Refrigerator, Freezer, Icemaker or Wine Cooler, Stove, Microwave is malfunctioning. Does your Washer, Dryer, Dishwasher, Cooktop, Garbage Disposal, Range Hood require immediate attention? Call the experts at Appliance Repairs In Houston, Texas. Our dispatchers are ready to take your call and help you with the best possible way to schedule an appointment.

Some Of the Makes & Brands we Service, Maintain, and Repair

at Appliance Repairs in Houston, Texas;

  1. High-End Appliance Repairs like Sub-Zero, Refrigerators, Freezers, Wine Coolers, and Ice Makers. Also, Viking, Refrigerators, Freezers, Wine Coolers, Ice Makers, Ranges, Stoves, Cooktops, and Ovens. Furthermore, Thermador Appliances, Dacor Appliances, and Haier.
  2. Imported Foreign-made Appliances such as Samsung, Refrigerators, Freezers, LG Ovens, Asko Dishwashers, Miele Appliances, Bosch, and Electrolux.
  3. American made Appliances, for example, Sears Kenmore Appliances and KitchenAid Appliances. Moreover, Maytag, GE (General Electric), and Jenn-air Appliances.
  4. Additionally, we fix Admiral Refrigerators, Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers, and Hotpoint Appliances. Also, U-line, Frigidaire Appliances, Speed Queen Washers, Amana, True, and much more.

Appliance Repairs In Houston Texas

Why are we a different type of Appliance Repairs Company?

In summary, Sugarland-Missouri city-Houston-appliance repair service values its self as the best Appliance Repairs In Houston, Texas because;

  1. Written repairs accurate estimate presented to our clients after a thorough machine diagnostics.
  2. We only use original manufacturer recommended parts to restore your appliances.
  3. Moreover, we offer SAME DAY SERVICE.
  4. Most of the time and in over 90%, our Technicians will be able to fix your Appliance in one visit.
  5. We'll wave the 65.00 Dollars trip charges fees when we perform the repair.
  6. Above all, our repair charges are very competitive and below the national industry average.
  7. Finally, what you get from us is a one-year warranty on all parts installed and a ninety-day warranty on labor performed.

Some interesting facts you should know about Home appliances:

To begin with, do you know that a well-maintained refrigerator or freezer has an average of twenty-two years of lifespan. On the other hand, a not maintained one with dirty coils and bad rubber seals lasts on an average of eleven years. 

Furthermore, do you realize that by adding three to four-pound of clothes to your washer, above what the manufacturers recommend?  That by itself will reduce the life of your washing machine by a good thirty to forty percent?

Thirdly, running your dryer, whether you have an electric dryer or a gas one, without cleaning the filter is the number one cause for dryers breaking down.

Besides, people tend to neglect, dryer duct. If your tube is not clean or clogged with lint, you will probably waste as much as 40% of your energy bill. Also, you are increasing the possibility of your dryer catching on fire.

Moreover, most people get in the habit of throwing their dirty dishes in their dishwashers. Without properly rinsing dishes, pots, and pans. If you were to ask any appliance repairs service company?  The answer is usually not pre-rinsing your dishwasher load is the number one cause for dishwashers breaking down. 

Furthermore, and that is the most important fact of all. Do you know that less than fifty percent of the people purchasing new appliances never read the manufacturer's manual? It is resulting in further home appliance breakdowns.

Tips for how to prolong the life of your home Appliances from Appliance Repairs in Houston, Texas;

When using the microwave, set your timer to the precise cooking time required according to the food table, don't spin the dial to thirty minutes to warm a potato that needs thirty seconds. The number one cause for microwave ovens catching on fire is setting the timer over recommendations.

Another tip, when using the refrigerator, the least you open the fridge door, the more efficient your motor will run.  In reality, most people get in a bad habit of opening and closing their refrigerators needlessly. Also, not getting your food at one time. What you are asking your fridge to do is to run twice as hard, just because of the lack of proper food planning.

Moreover, I can't emphasize how vital running your clothes dryer with a clean filter; it only takes less than a minute to shake off the old lint from your screen, by doing that, you are extending the life of your dryer, not to mention that you are saving energy as well. 

Also, get in the habit of running your dishwasher once a month utilizing a commercial-grade dishwashers cleaning tablet; by doing that, your dishwasher drain lines and the pump will remain in a clean condition.

Finally, invest some time reading the Manual and follow the guided way of maintaining and cleaning your appliance. In fact spending, a few minutes can have a very positive impact on your home appliances lifespan.

Warning concerning the do it yourself Appliance Repairs;

Most Appliances run on two hundred and twenty volts. Also, some of the home appliances contain pressurized gases. Do not attempt to fix your machine unless you know what you are doing. Venturing to fix it yourself may be dangerous and Hazardous to your life.

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